Script Clearance Reports

A Script Clearance Report breaks down a script, carefully noting any possible items that may incur costly legal issues so that you may avoid them prior to shooting your project. We check character names, business names, copyright and trademarks, music and much more. A Script Clearance report, completed prior to principal photography, is required by your Errors and Omissions carrier.

Copyright & Title Searches

Our combined Copyright and Title Search report checks the status of your copyright in the U.S. Patent and Copyright Office as well as extensively details the ways your projected title exists in various media. This report is required by your Errors and Omissions carrier as part of your deliverables.

Title Opinions

A Title Opinion is a letter from an attorney who has reviewed a Title Search report, in which they state their legal opinion on the use of your title. If you need to provide a Title Opinion with your Title Search report, we can handle this too, just let us know you need it when you order your search.